Rock This Town, 14 years of rock on the big screen.

At the time we are writing, no one knows when or how we’ll be able to place the 14thedition of Rock this Town. The 13thedition, that was supposed to allow the festival to gain momentum, stature…was paused because of the virus and forced to be postponed back in October 2020 for a reduced version and under close surveillance. A year later, the virus is still here, but Rock This Town as well! In anticipation this year, a selection of movies (mostly unseen) from around the world, that tell, in a certain way, other worlds, the world before. The story of pioneers of electric, a depiction of oversees musique called Maloya, striking jazz of Paul Motian, the Irish epic and torment of Shane Mac Gowan, punk in Washington, the haunting profession of Don Letts (festival guest), hip hop of Baltimore, and its growth on the internet, the story of The Band, the discovery of Glenn Copeland, the beautiful and touching adventure of the Argentinian pianist Martin, and the radical nature of music noise, told by people today. And many other musical views, something to please music-lovers, curious old rockers, hipsters, and a high-level jury. Rodolphe Burger will be a part and will offer us a set on the legendary stage of the Méliès. Thierry Villeneuve, director, will be with us (we released his beautiful portrayal of Daniel Darc, Pieces of My Life two years ago). Benoit Basirico, a journalist at the Septième Obsession and expert of music in film will also join us and Catherine Fontaine, a mediator at the contemporary art center of the Parvis national scene Tarbes-Pyrénées will also deliberate.

But also, movie concerts – Des Amis Imaginaires – Night of the Living Dead – Et Si l’amour C’était d’Aimer – Fabcaro), concerts (Rodolphe Burger, Octopoulpe…), a record fair (10thedition May 9that the Route du Son), conventions, meet and greet, exposes DJ sets…

We will tell you everything in due time!