Rock This Town is a collective festival organized by Le Méliès cinema
in collaboration with a number of loyal partners of Pau
and their agglomeration

The Festivals Team Members

Programming, Organization
Xavier Le Falher

Director of Le Méliès
Philippe Coquillaud

Organization and Meetings
Vicentia Aholoukpé

Young Audience Facilitator
Xavier Le Falher

Public Relations
Valérie Toulet, Philippe Coquillaud, Xavier Le Falher

Imagery 2021
Jampur Fraize

Website & Graphic relation
Svelt Studio

Technical Control
Collectif Hart Brut, Cumamovi

Pierre André, Philippe Mariblanca, Johan Calas

Box Office
Anne-Julie Peycam, Valerie Toulet

Nadège Desmarty

Translation and subtitles
Ines Dalot, Coralie Ducamp, Kloé Henry, Eden Roux, Lisa Berdet, Hippolyte Rainteau, Genova Cantos Piqueras,
Françoise Buisson, Fanny Briatte, Oubrik Brahim

Website translation
Sara Marc

Our partners

Cinéma Le Méliès

The organizer of the Rock This Town festival, le Méliès is a cultural place established in Pau for close to 30 years. Cinema classified art house, benefits Heritage and Directory labels/ Research and Discovery/ Young audience. Located close to centre-ville in Pau, le Méliès proposes national outings, retrospectives, film concerts and screenings for young audiences. Managed by the Ciné Ma Passion association, they equally joined with many Pau organizations in collaboration with many other associations. Nine employees make up the Méliès team.

By upholding a rich program open to all, le Méliès is a place of exchange and meeting where fictions, documentaries, animated films, avant garde films, short films are presented through-out the year, sometimes accompanied by the director or film crew, debates, catering, and various activities (concerts, quizzed, live shows/reads)

Le Méliès offers every year around 300 movies and around over 3,500 showings. Every year, le Méliès welcomes between 105,000 to 120,000 audience members. Among the audience, close to a thousand are members of the Ciné Ma Passion association.
Among the hundreds of guests at the Méliès:
Jean Dujardin, Claudia Cardinale, Wang Bing, Frederick Wiseman, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Denis Lavant, Sébastien Betbeder, Vincent Lacoste, Bernadette Laffont, Dominique Cabrera, Blanca Li, Solveig Anspach, Antoine Barraud, Jean-Luc Godard, FJ Ossang, Jérôme de Missolz, David Oelhoffen, Pascale Barraud, Jean-Luc Godard, FJ Ossang, Jérôme de Missolz, David Oelhoffen, Pascale Ferran, Katell Quillévéré, Antonin Peretjatko, Vimala Pons, Olivier Martineau, Bouli Lanners,…


Le Méliès cinema of Pau is a member of the following networks:

Objectif Ciné 64 (Department), The Association of Local Cinéma in Aquitaine (ACPA/ Region), The Association of Independent Cinéma for its Diffusion (ACID/France), The Association for the Regional Developpement of Cinéma (ADRC/ France), The French Association of Arthouse Cinéma (AFCAE/ France), National Group of Cinéma Research (GNCR/ France), and the Europa Cinéma Network (Europe).

Le Méliès cinema of Pau receives instituitonal financial support from :

The city of Pau, the Pau Béarn Pyrénées Agglomeration Community, the Caisse d’Action Sociale des Electriciens et Gaziers, the Departmental Council of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, the National Cinema Center, Europa Cinemas.

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